BULTRAF - производител на трансформатори, дросели и др.

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Annual Report 2012:

20% sales growth at Bultraf Ltd. A major part of the export to the Russian market, the good economic performance has been registered for the last 2012.


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Transformers - IP21

Active parts not accessible
Degree of Protection IP21 & Insulation Class II

Coupling for DIN guide & double possibility of button hole fixing

Bobbins WITH/WITHOUT intermediate flange

100VA Frame Size EI75 Bobbin 4+4 terminal blocks

100VA Frame Size EI84 Bobbin 5+5 terminal blocks

160VA Frame Size EI96 Bobbin 5+5 terminal blocks

250VA Frame Size EI120 Bobbin 7+7 terminal blocks
Self-extinguish material

Colours: grey/blue

Windows for air gaps