BULTRAF - производител на трансформатори, дросели и др.

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Annual Report 2012:

20% sales growth at Bultraf Ltd. A major part of the export to the Russian market, the good economic performance has been registered for the last 2012.


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The Company

Bultraf Ltd was founded in 2004. The company specializes in the manufacture and supply of chokes and small to middle-sized transformers. The transformers production conforms to the international tendencies and meets the requirements of European standards as well as the Customers’ technical specification: number of turns, creapage distances, isolation and method of winding. Due to the experience in the field of the managing team, the investment in modern appliance and the excellent quality of the production, in a few years the company is now well-established on the Bulgarian market as major and preferred transformer manufacturer.

High-degree automation production process, together with personnel professionalism is the basis of satisfying market demands. Bultraf Ltd have at our disposal equipment, purchased in 2004 and 2005.

The technical resources and know-how allow design and manufacture of products, according to the necessities and demands of our customers. All innovations are incorporated according to standards required and Customers’ requirements.


Annual capacities equal to:

⇒Pulse transformers over 2,000,000 pcs
⇒Transformers for Printed Boards over 200,000 pcs
⇒Transformers for Electric Panels over 100,000 pcs
⇒Single-Phase Transformers over 10,000 pcs
⇒Three-Phase Transformers over 5,000 pcs




Building a company of utmost technological and organisational efficiency.


The immediate objective that the Managing Body has set is opening opportunities for continual increase in the production capacity in order to achieve capacities satisfying the current level of demand. An immediate task of prime concern in Bultraf Ltd’s company policy is to attain and support excellent production quality.




Quality Management Systems


The production meets the requirements of EN61558. The testing and certification with the VDE Institute and the acknowledgement with the UL standard are additional proof of the excellent quality of the production, satisfying the demands of European Market. Our pursuit of competitiveness on the Common European Market determines our continual up-date of the regulations and norms just mentioned. Our units have just passed the latest version of EN 60335-1:2002+A11:2004+A1:2004 Glow-Wire Test with the VDE Institute.

Certificate of Compliance with BDS EN ISO 9001:2000 № 44 100 077032.


Processes in the Bultraf Ltd company


                The Company has at disposal the most up-date machinery and equipment for the achievement of optimal technology of the production activities. 

                Innovative solutions for the increase of production effectiveness, control and traceability of processes.

                 Due to the experience in the field of the managing team and the high-qualified personnel it is achieved supply of excellent quality articles which should to the greatest extent satisfy and exceed the Customers’ requirements.

     > low-powered and middle-powered transformers and chokes winding process - production of optimal powers for all articles, sequence and winding direction control

     > low-powered transformers winding process – Ф0.03mm wire are used on multi-spindled automatic machines, achievement of fast speed up to 6000 rev./min, accurate control of wire tension and performance of consequent serial programmes

     > transformer welding process - automation of core- and fasteners-assembly process through welding

     > low-powered transformer potting process - two-component epoxy resin potting for products upto 50VA, precise potting machine to achieve outstanding accuracy and speed for doses from 2gr to 200gr 

     > transformer impregnation process – it is constructed a technological automatic line to impregnate and bake production with fine temperature control in all oven areas

     > transformer test and control process -  the Bultraf company performs 100% test over the whole production; laboratory research, record of all orders and test results are done; being from leading companies in the field of testing installations and appliance, the lab equipment owns top-class precision features.