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Annual Report 2012:

20% sales growth at Bultraf Ltd. A major part of the export to the Russian market, the good economic performance has been registered for the last 2012.


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Bultraf Ltd is a manufacturer of transformers, chokes and coils.

             Bultraf Ltd was founded in Bulgaria in 2004. The transformers production conforms to the international tendencies and meets the requirements of European standards. Due to the experience in the field of the managing team, the investment in technologically modern appliance and the excellent quality of the production, in a few years the company is now well-established on the Bulgarian market as major and preferred transformer manufacturer.


The mission of BULTRAF Ltd. is:  

  "to offer our customers quality products which should to the greatest extent satisy and exceed their requirements and expectations "



The vision of BULTRAF Ltd is oriented towards:

            "working with our Customers as with our Partners and having the vision of a long-term partner with a strategic position”


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